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Two upcoming international events featuring Brazilian writers in translation and a possible Brazilian Nobel win?

Lygia Fagundes Telles

Something that had Brazilian social media all aflutter back in February was the announcement that beloved author Lygia Fagundes Telles had been nominated by the União Brasileira de Escritores (Brazilian Writer's Union) for the Nobel Prize. A member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters since 1985 (one of only three female members), she was awarded the prestigious Camões prize (awarded to an author in the Portuguese language for the entirety of their work) in 2005, and has twice won the Jabuti. If she does manage to win (and for various reasons I don't believe she will… this year), she would be the first Brazilian to receive the award.

Though her writing is often labeled more accessible or mainstream than theirs, she was a close friend of both Clarice Lispector and Hilda Hilst. She's published nearly 30 books, but her most famous novel is As Meninas (published in English in 2012 by Dalkey Archive as The Girl in the Photographtr. Margaret Neves). As far as I know that's the only book of hers that's made it into English, but I've heard Dalkey is sitting on the English rights to several others). Here's a great interview with her (no subtitles, unfortunately) that contains some real gems. She's the smart, sassy, classy Paulista grandmother I've always wanted!

Printemps Littéraire Brésilien

In its third year, the "Printemps Littéraire Brésilien" will once again be celebrating contemporary Brazilian literature at the Sorbonne from March 21 to 31. The event brings 30 Brazilian authors, illustrators, poets, filmmakers, cartoonists, playwrights and storytellers to Paris for readings, panel discussions and workshops on children's and YA literature. There will also be parallel events at universities in Leiden, Berlin, and at the Bologna Book Fair.

Here's the complete list of delegates:

Lúcia Hiratsuka, Roger Mello, Roberto Parmeggiani, Jessé Andarilho, Henrique Rodrigues, Marcello Quintanilha, Paula Anacaona, Marcelo D’Salete, Claudia Nina, Lucrécia Zappi, Lúcia Bettencourt, Paloma Vidal, Krishna Monteiro, Miguel Sanches Neto, Mário Araujo, Alexandre Vidal Porto, Godofredo de Oliveira Neto, Paula Fábrio, João Guilhoto, Andrea Nunes, Márcio Benjamin, Ieda de Oliveira, Felipe Franco Munhoz, Maurício Vieira, Flávio Goldmann, Jéferson Assumção, Susana Fuentes, Kátia Gerlach, Eunice Gutman, Mariza Baur, Patrícia Melo, Antonio Salvador, Camila Gonzatto, Caio Yurgel.

PEN World Voices Festival

Alexandre Vidal Porto will be at the 2016 World Voices Festival, where he will be in conversation with Saleem Haddad and Abdellah Taïa in a panel called "The Fictional Other", on Saturday, April 30. The English translation of his book Sergio Y. will be out in May, published by Europa Editions and translated by Alex Ladd.