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New Year, New Reads

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Feliz Ano Novo! This collection of six color-coordinated books from Companhia das Letras arrived on January 2. This month's haul includes some very big names and a mix of fact and fiction. Clockwise from top left:

2015-01-07 10
2015-01-07 10

Sete Anos by Fernanda Torres (author of the novel Fim). This is a collection of Fernanda's columns from the last seven years on politics, movies, life and death. I enjoy Fernanda's writing, and since I missed most of these when they were originally published in São Paulo's Folha newspaper and Piauí magazine, these will be new to me (one potential negative with these sorts of compilations). I was debating if it might sound unkind to mention these collections often wind up in the bathroom, then found an interview where the author herself referred to it as a 'bathroom book', so we're on the same page. :)

O Irmão Alemão by Chico Buarque. You may know him as a musician, but he's also the author of several works of fiction, nearly all of which have been translated to English by the incredible Alison Entrekin. I'm going to be honest: I found the synopsis so convoluted and confusing I gave up half-way through. Perhaps that's motivation enough to just read the book to find out.

Put Some Farofa by Gregório Duvivier. Gregório is a talented poet and one of Brazil's smartest comics. He also writes a weekly column for São Paulo's Folha paper, which ranges from super funny to touching to thought-provoking. Unfortunately, unlike Fernanda Torres' column, I realized thumbing through the pages I've actually read nearly all of these online. Still, many of them are plenty good to merit a second (or third) reading. The title article is hilarious (though not something I'd ever attempt to translate), and one of the highlights of my time at FLIP was hearing him read it live.

O Concerto de João Gilberto no Rio de Janeiro by Sérgio Sant'Anna. This Jabuti award-winning collection of short stories is a republication, originally published in 1982.

Um lugar perigoso by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza. This is the only author in the bunch I wasn't familiar with, but it seems this detective novel set in Rio is the 11th in the same series.