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New Reads for June!

New BooksZoe PerryComment

Brazilian publisher Companhia das Letras contacted me a few months ago to see if I'd be interested in receiving some of their new releases. I wasn't going say no to that, was I? Yesterday I finally received my package in the mail from Brazil (after it sat in the Kingsland High Street post office for nearly four weeks, unbeknownst to me). The shipment contained: Dias perfeitos (Perfect Days) by Brazilian crime fiction wunderkind Raphael Montes. Everyone is talking about this guy, and I know the rights have been sold for the US and Italy already (if not more countries); O Brasil é bom (Brazil is Good) by André Sant'Anna, a collection of 22 very short short stories/social commentary; O inventário das coisas ausentes (The Inventory of Missing Things), the latest by Carola Saavedra, one of Granta's top young Brazilian writers; and Semíramis by Ana Miranda. Considering I very nearly downloaded the first three titles last week, I'd say they did pretty well. Can't wait to dive into these.