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"Palavras Invisíveis" – Invisible Words

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Before I got into translating books, I did a lot of translation work for ad agencies. I still do some advertising translation and my husband is a creative director, and I love to see creative, moving work for good organizations. I just found out about this beautiful project and had to share.

"Palavras invisíveis" is a collection of ten brand new stories written by great contemporary Brazilian authors, including the likes of Luis Fernando Veríssimo, Eliane Brum, Carlos de Brito e Mello, Antônio Prata and Estevão Azevedo, and is published only in braille! The initiative is from the Fundação Dorina Nowill, a philanthropic institution in Brazil working for the integration of the blind and visually impaired. 

The project's website says: "This book contains previously unpublished texts from Brazil's greatest writers. Too bad you can't read it. Now you know exactly how a blind person feels every time a new book is launched." From the website you can download an audio book.

I looked into the statistics, and the National Federation of the Blind says: "The most optimistic estimates project that today blind people have access to no more than 5 percent of books and other published works, and that is in the industrialized world. For the 90 percent of blind people living in developing nations, access to the written word is less than 1 percent." 

I wonder how many of those are in translation?